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  1. FM says:

    What are the factors they used to make that ranking? I am lost in Economy so it can help me understand better yout analysis

  2. KayTiKal says:

    The ranking is based on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of each country in Latin America and the Caribbean. The GDP basically measures the value of what is produced in a country in a year.

  3. Anacaona says:

    So in short, we are doing better but not that good. Humm…thanks for the clarification!

  4. FM says:

    So now I get it better. So it's still positive but A LOT MORE needs to be done. I would never think that Nicaragua has so many issues as us.

  5. Cecilia Russ says:

    I have been looking for some information about the Housing Market–for “Middle Class” Haitians–for awhile. Do you think the gov. may not want random building and the banks are waiting to build BIG projects (hotels, tourism). Where will people live? Good question. You may answer at I am a teacher–in Graduate School (Special Education) and would love to go back to Haiti soon. I am very interested in building small Condo (type) units that would be affordable for working–professionals (teachers, police–ect). This would finance my other interests–which is schools, education and health care!! Here people build Condo/Townhouses almost anywhere (called “infill). They are always snapped up. If you have time–lets talk. I have a cousin who is in construction–plus worked in Real Estate for awhile. I am also interested in Art and architecture–so would want to build housing that “fits” within the model and with materials generally used. I love Haiti and would like to know more. I Did read about the banks offering low payment loans for small houses about 2 years ago. The whole thing fell through? Thats hard to believe. Someone didn’t want it to happen.Also, if you have many people building-just here are there–you won’t get a uniformity of quality and style. Maybe, by accident! Please get back to me when you can. Have been to Haiti twice–last stayed above Petionville–with the Durbans. There is no real reason why more people–in Haiti–can’t enjoy many of the amnieties that people in Petionville enjoy. Clean water, trees, sidewalks, small parks, shops–those should be easily doable. I think the “Master Planners” have something different in mind. Great pictures. I would like to know how the school in Cape Haitian–with 2 shifts is working. I think that would be the way to go–so that students whose parents cant pay as much–could still attent school!
    Best Wishes.
    on Facebook–as Cecilia Russ (Clovis Ca.)

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