Why Isn’t Private Education Delivering Better Results in Haiti?

Hitler school

In my last piece for Medium, I write:

How could this happen? One possible culprit may be some form of moral hazard, a situation where a person acts less carefully than she otherwise would because she doesn’t face the full consequences and responsibility of her actions. Private schools in Haiti, for instance, may not have strong incentives to carefully select the best teachers they can, pay them highly enough, and adequately monitor their work so they can provide the best instruction possible given the resources available. Why? Because it would be costly to do so, while it is hard for parents to assess how much their children are learning at school. Indeed, it may be especially hard for parents to do that while many of them have received little or no education themselves. As parents have difficulties assessing the quality of the education they are paying for, schools have little incentive to invest in quality instruction. Furthermore, they won’t be held accountable when, for instance, former students fail to find a “good” job on the labor market because they don’t have the minimum skills that should come with the completion of secondary school.

You can read the whole thing here.

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